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How To Maintain Clean Eating Habits While Protecting Food And Beverages From Viruses And Bacteria In Your Home

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst


Looking after you and your family is highly important. And we take many steps to ensure that we maintain a safe and healthy environment to live in. But are we doing enough? There are risks in every part of life. But one of the main risk areas is the food we put into our bodies. If we don’t protect the way we purchase, store, prepare and cook food then we can open our bodies up to many risks. Clean eating habits are vitally important. But what do they look like? This article will look at the ways all of us should be following to ensure we stay safe and healthy.

COVID-19 has brought food safety to the fore. All the time we were wearing face masks and maintaining social distance when out shopping only took us so far in terms of protection. There are some basic ways of looking after yourself and the people you love as well as some innovative solutions that will help protect us all in the future.. Many of the most effective ways of protecting your food are common sense – but over time we lose these good habits and overlook these things and put ourselves at risk. Things such as –

  • Washing Fresh Food
  • Storage In the Fridge Or Freezer
  • Leftovers
  • Cleaning Your Fridge

But we can go much further. So, let’s take a look at how to maintain clean eating habits while protecting food and beverages from viruses and bacteria in your home.

What Actually Is The Problem?

Great question. We put food and drink inside our body to survive. But there is the risk that what we consume might be harmful to us. Diarrhoea from contaminated food causes over half a billion people to become ill every year, according to the World Health Organization or WHO. And almost half a million people die annually from eating contaminated food. As more of the planet flock to the major cities, this trend is growing. We need to manage the food and drink in our homes to stay safe.

The Cleanliness Of Our Surfaces

The surfaces our food touches are many. And each surface brings with it an extra risk that we contaminate the food that we want to put inside our bodies. Chopping boards, knives and work surfaces – plus the surfaces of the fridges, freezers and cupboards we store our food in – can being potential hazards. Innovative solutions like the ACLIV Anti-Virus Film is effective in killing bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 and keeping us all safe.

The Cleanliness Of Our Air

Another important factor is the condition of the air in our home. The COVID virus is contained in water droplets in the air we breathe. And these can also land on the food we have in the home. Governmental advice during the coronavirus pandemic has been to ventilate the home by opening a window, But there are other ways of improving ventilation and stopping viruses from passing onto the food and drink we consume. Effective air filters in our home ventilation systems can catch and kill viruses and bacteria before they get the chance to contaminate food. ACLIV antiviral filters have been proven to be incredibly effective in removing viruses and bacteria from the air in the home.

Separation Of Food Items

In the fridge make sure that you store your items on the correct shelves. Raw meat, raw fish and raw shellfish should be stored away from other items – ideally on the bottom shelf. This is colder than the rest of the fridge (as heat rises) and will keep them as safe as possible. Any condiments and things like dairy products can be stored on the top shelf as they don’t need as much coolness to stay fresh. And that leaves your middle shelves for everything else. Keeping food items separate really helps to stop any potential cross contamination.

Wrapping Your Food

Bacteria and viruses also play a big role in decaying food. Covering food stops it forming bacteria from contact with other foods, smells and even insects. All of these are ways that bacteria and viruses can be transmitted. We have known and loved items such as clingfilm and foil for many years. But not all food wraps are the same. As the threat to our health becomes more important as we deal with the effects of COVID, we want something better. If you cover and store food with Antiviral & Antibacterial films or wrap packaging materials with Antiviral Film by food manufacturers, you can greatly increase the expiration date of the food.

Innovative Solutions

And there are some remarkable companies out there such as ACLIV, looking at ways to protect us all with innovation and technology. Antibacterial pouches, air filters and other methods keep our possessions as clean and safe as possible – as well as the air we breathe. Keeping our own body fit and healthy reduces the chance we contract an illness and pass it on to others when preparing food. The more we manage our whole lifestyle, the easier it is to stay safe. And the easier it is to ensure we keep those around us safe too. The COVID pandemic has taught us all that we benefit by looking after the whole community.

Food poisoning isn’t a very pleasant experience. Neither is COVID. And we’re still learning about how the coronaviruses passed on. So, that means keeping a safe and healthy environment is vitally important. Follow the rules above, plus look at innovative solutions such as the ones ACLIV offer to stay as safe as possible – and protect those close to you.

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