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Viruses are 50-100 times smaller than bacterias, so it is much more difficult to control. It is important to tell antiviral film from antibacterial film. Antiviral film controls both virus and bacteria, but not the other way around.  

Globally, we are one of the very few products that own ISO21702, which is the single globally accredited certification for anti-virus (tested in France and Japan) along with CE and FDA certificate.

Robust effect: Our film kills 99.9% of viruses within 30 minutes and kills bacterias within 10 mins (The fastest performance globally).

Only the PET based film certified by ISO 21702.

It is known that medial companies are normally the most strict in the assessment of "Anti-Viral" and "Antibacterial" performance and "Safety" issues. Many global medical companies such as Bayer and GIMA use our antiviral solutions.

Yes, it is possible and normally applied to silver film that is transparent or has silver color. Copper film that has translucent color doesn't really look good with printing.

With respect to anti-viral & antibacterial performance, there is no shelf life.

It's possible, but normally antiviral film is too expensive for such mass production applications. It is common that antibacterial film which is more cost-effective is used for the applications.

Color of copper film can change only by outside environments such as sunlight, weather, etc, while Color of silver film does not change indoors and outdoors alike.

The outside environments & conditions do not affect the antiviral performance & durability of both copper and silver film.

1) Transparent/Clear Vs Copper(translucent ) colour
Copper film is not suitable especially for touchscreens.
Long exposure to translucent colour in screens can harm eyesight.

2) The durability of silver film is up to 1 year due to hard coating on top of film, while that of copper film is 2-5 months.

3) Base material of silver film is PET, while that of copper film is PE or PVC.
PET(polyester) , which is much more expensive than other materials, is used for diverse applications such as IT, solar, insulation, packaging and so on due to its high level technical properties.
PET has high thermal stability and high scratch resistance.

4) Silver film offers protection function (shatter resistance), scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint that are the key requirements for IT screen protectors.

A. It is possible to use mobile screen protector film for both smartphones (cell phones) and normal displays(touchscreens). We took care of both applications with the mobile screen protector film initially, but we did have feedback that the price is okay for cell phones and it is too expensive for displays. The cost is high since it is designed for mobile devices (cell phones and tablet PCs) that are more delicate than normal displays. 

B. Since there was a strong requirement for screen protectors specifically for displays that are more cost effective in the market, we developed an economy version for displays. Some customers still use mobile screen protector film for their displays in spite of the high price and we accept it if they want. The price of mobile screen protector film is over twice as high as display protection film. 

C. Below are the major advantages of mobile screen protector films over display protection films.

   1) There is a front liner (display protection films do not have it.)
       - Having both a front and back liner is a market standard in the segment of cell phones & tablet PC screen protector market.
       - It protects the screen protector film even during installation as the front liner is removed after the installation is finished.

   2) Thickness of PET is 100MIC (display protection film: 75MIC)
       - Smartphones(Cell phones) are weaker and more susceptible to external shock and thicker PET works for higher protection function.

   3) Thickness of IT grade silicone adhesive is 25MIC (display protection film:  20MIC)
       - Soft silicone adhesive enhances the protection for the delicate electronic components in the device.
       - Sufficient silicone adhesive eradicates rainbow effects and removes bubbles automatically over time.
      - More silicone adhesive improves self-adhesive properties that is regarded as one of the quality assessment points for the screen protector for cell phones.

In short, mobile screen protector films can be used for both, but customers can choose depending on their budget. We strongly recommend mobile screen protector film for mobile devices.

1) The key difference is that display protection films requires protection functions for touchscreens as follows:
· Shatter resistance
· Anti-fingerprint
· Scratch-resistance
· (Anti-Glare)

2)  IT grade silicone adhesive must be used for touchscreens as electronic components of displays are delicate.         Acrylic adhesive used for surface protection film can damage the delicate electronic components.        IT grade silicone adhesive is 4-5 times more expensive than acrylic adhesive.

3) For protection and transparency, IT grade PET film is used for display protection films.

We follow internationally accredited test methods only.

· Anti-Virus: ISO21702  ( - single internationally accredited test standards for anti-virus
· Anti-Bacteria: JIS Z 2801

We are capable of supplying various types of customised products. The types include product thickness, printing, accessories, film construction, packaging and so on. 

Normally large global corporations want customized products specifically for them and we've been successfully supporing them.

1) Base material of the ACLIV silver film is PET, while that of the Hexis film is PVC.
PET that is much more costly than PVC have strong technical properties including low heat shrinkage, high scratch resistance and higher rigidity.

2) The durability of Hexis film is 2-4 months, while that of the ACLIV silver film is up to 1 year due to hard coating on top of the film.

3) PVC film is used limitedly in many countries nowadays due to health safety concerns.

4) ACLIV film kills 99.9% of viruses within 30 mins and kills bacterias in 10 mins, while Hexis product does less than 99.9% of them even in an hour.

· Silver & Copper Adhesive type: 3919.90.0000
· Silver Non adhesive type: 3920.99.9090

1) The coating layer is very thin and it lasts just a few days maximum since there is no hard-coating on top of the layer. Our screen protector offers sustainable hygiene (up to 1 year) and it makes users save lots of cleansing time & ultimately cost. Using antiseptic spray is obviously a very expensive option in terms of comprehensive cost analysis.

2) The antiviral & antibacterial(antimicrobial) performance of the spray is much lower than our screen protectors. This is the most important point and please check the scientific test data and certifications.

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