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Eco-friendly Packaging

To protect our earth, we start with eco-friendly packaging in spite of 3 times higher cost. The packaging of our screen protectors is made of sugarcane under the standards of “Non-Timber”, “Non-Bleach” and “Biodegradable” Even plastic bag inside the packaging is “fully biodegradable”.

Excellent Anti-Virus Products

We believe that our products can commit to healthier ecology by reducing the spread of various viruses. It is obvious that COVID 19 has been having positive ecological effects as it has forced to decrease human and industrial activities. However, unfortunately, economic depression by viruses is likely bad news for ecology in the long-term because it is tied to a dysfunctional economic system. Governments, companies and individuals will value economic recovery to lift up business than to CSR which will cause more severe negative effects on ecology in the long term, eventually. Refer to here.

Therefore, we will commit to develop more reliable anti-virus products to mitigate the possibility of economic shock by viruses continuously.


Many environmental organisations are in need of help to protect ecology and biodiversity and to prevent emission of pollutants and climate changes. They are often facing a lack of funding or unstable funding. For the purpose of contributing to solve the environmental problems, we are increasing in partnerships with environmental groups and donating 1% of profits to the partners.

Currently, we are sponsoring World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Greenpeace and The Climate Reality Project.

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