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What You Need To Prepare To Meet Your Overseas Travel Expectations

Photo by Markus Winkler from Burst



The last couple of years have shown how much we took for granted in the pre-COVID world. Many of the simple things in life just stopped being simple. And one of the biggest challenges that the international community faced was overseas travel. What was once the case of showing a passport, going through security checks and jumping on a plane became something much more complicated.

And there are many question people have when it comes to travelling overseas –

  • Will I need to wear a mask?
  • Where can I travel?
  • What tests do I have to take?
  • Will I be safe?

And, although these questions will still linger for a while, there are some rules that will help you travel as safely as possible. Let’s take a look at what you need to prepare to meet your overseas travel expectations, including some advice of how innovative solutions can make your travel safer–

The Rise Of Conscious Travel

In days gone by, thinking about travel consisted of deciding on the destination. The pandemic has forced us to change the way we look at all of this. Just jumping on a plane and going somewhere used to be easy. And in the future, it might return to that level of ease. But that doesn’t mean we have to go back to our old ways. Conscious travel means really thinking about where you’re going, why you’re going there and the impact on both the planet and the place you’re visiting.

Be willing to stay at home for longer. Take those trips that mean a great deal to you – but avoid those ones that you take on a whim. They really don’t do a great deal for the planet. Our expectations regarding travel must change. Being conscious about your travel decisions is a large part of that.

Be Prepared

The biggest tip we can give you is to be prepared when you travel. Now, many of us were prepared before, checking and double checking our travel documents, the flight times and making sure that we had our passports. But this is a new level of preparedness. Here are some of the things that you will need to get used to –

  • More than a passport. You COVID documents will become part of what you take with you when traveling. Also check out your national government website to see if travel visas are required – these will become more frequently used in the future to manage transmissions. And you want your documents to be safe. The ACLIV Pouch is designed to protect users from virus and disease-causing bacteria. It is ideal for handy stuff such as facemask, cosmetics, medicines, smartphone, passports and COVID passports.
  • Longer queues. As we face fewer staff, social distancing and checking COVID passports, the queues at immigration will become much longer. If you have kids, then it isn’t just the flight you need to consider when keeping them entertained.
  • Get travel insurance. You know earlier when we said that the biggest tip we could give was to be prepared, Well, scratch that. This is the biggest tip. Get insured – as soon as you book the flight. If something happens then you don’t want to be out of pocket.

Packing For Your Trip

If you search through sites such as TikTok or YouTube, then you’ll find countless videos of people taking cleaning the nth degree. But this is a view into our future. Instead of packing wipes to keep your hands clean, you can also think about where you will sit for several hours on a flight. Wiping down the table and seat before you sit on it could become a thing of the future – giving us peace of mind that we are sitting in a sanitized area.

Face masks are an essential part of your travel kit. And you may want to change these several times during a long flight as the moisture builds up on the inside of the mask. Check with your health authority to find out what is needed in your part of the world – and the part of the world you are traveling to.

Again, this I where items such as the ACLIV Pouch become an essential part of your carry-on bag.

When You Get There

Of course, travel isn’t just about the air trip. When you arrive at the other end, you want to be safe too. Again, this is when you look at the advice from the country you are visiting. There will be structured advice given by local governments to ensure that you know what to do in any given situation. If you’re not sure, then just ask. Folk will be more than happy to help you stay safe.

This is when the fear of the unknown kicks in. We become suspicious of every cough and sneeze, every new place and new surface. But you don’t have to let a healthy fear of illness stop you from traveling. Use the ACLIV Screen Protector to ensure that anything that touches your fingers doesn’t pass onto your smartphone or tablet – and eventually your face.

And you can also rest assured that our innovative solutions are helping companies across the world keep you safe. Our air filters help purify the air you breathe, removing viruses and bacteria. These are at use in restaurants, on public transport and even on the airplanes we use to get from A to B. Ask your airline if they have heard of ACLIV – and recommend us to them while you’re on board. And ACLIV surface protection film is applied to surfaces and is effective in killing bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. We’re keeping you safe while you travel.

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