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Exceptional Antiviral & Antibacterial Effect

1. Coronavirus
2. Influenza Virus
3. Bacteria

BBC News on 11 October 2020
“The research from Australian agency CSIRO found the virus was "extremely robust,"
surviving for 28 days on smooth surfaces such as glass
found on mobile phone screens and both plastic and paper banknotes kept at 20C (68F),
which is about room temperature, and in the dark.”

In everyday lives, people often get infected with viruses and get illnesses caused
by bacteria without being aware of it by touching smartphones and tablet PCs.
The film kills 99.9% of viruses including H1N1 and COVID19 within 30 minutes of contact time.
Exposed surfaces remain virus free when tested again at one hour and then at twenty four hours.

The film also kills bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae,
Salmonella typhimurium within a ten minute time frame of exposure.

Feel the Crisp Paper Texture

It is difficult to draw or write on the slippery surface of LCD(touchscreen) or normal clear film.
ACLIV screen protectors are specially designed for Apple pencil and iPad users.
The special processing used for the film surface creates a feeling close to that of paper.
Feel just like you are writing and drawing on paper

People often face "Rainbow Effect" that causes the distortion of the screen color and images
Rainbow Effect happens when the tempered glass or cheap polymer screen protector
does not have a full adhesive all over the screen protector.
To eradicate the issue, the ACLIV protector keeps 25MIC silicone adhesive, while other products normally have 15MIC adhesive.
Besides, the adhesive coating process is conducted under high precision IT level quality standards.
Korea is known to be a center of excellence for premium adhesive coating
since several global IT manufacturers such as SAMSUNG and LG are situated in Korea.

Thanks to special silicone adhesive, the film adheres to the screen surface automatically.
Air-Bubbles are removed naturally over some time.
More silicone adhesive makes the installation more comfortable and makes adhesion to the screen longer.

Unique Film Construction

1. Surface Protection PET Liner (58±3㎛)
*mainly 30-40㎛ in the market

2. Anti-Virus & Hard Coating (4±1㎛)

3. Optical grade PET Film (100±1㎛)

4. IT Grade Silicone Adhesive (25±2㎛)
*mainly 15㎛ in the market

5. Logo Printed PET Liner (50㎛)

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