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Larger Screen Protector

  • • 2 Remote Controls
    • Remote Control Charging Station
    • Wallmount Support
    • User Manual
    • Power Cable
    • 4 Laptop-Monitor Adapters
    • 1 Year of Techno Voice for FREE
    • 1 Year of Your Favorite Streaming Service for FREE

Size: 65"

We Mean Green

Contributing to environmental protection has become a ACLIV's core element. We use paper instead of plastic material for all our packaging and also stick to "eco-friendly" paper instead of regular one. Our package is made of sugarcane under the standards of "Non Timber", "Non-Bleach", and "Biodegradable". Ten package help save 13 liters of water and save 1/10 of a tree! It is inevitable to use plastic bag, but we use "biodegrable" bag.

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