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ACLIV is setting the Global Standards of Anti-Virus & Anti-Bacteria

ACLIV Anti-Virus Film is effective in killing bacteria and viruses including COVID19. Silver and Copper are a proven material for deactivating bacteria and viruses. Thus, the film reduces the ability of virus and bacteria being transmitted through a surface being touched or handled by one person and then another

It has been effectively tested against standard ISO21702 for Anti-Virus and JISZ-2801 & ISO 22196 for antibacterial and provides excellent performance. The anti-virus film is intended to be used in an environment where there is exposure to bacteria and virus. It is adhered to surfaces that may be exposed (directly or indirectly) to bacteria and virus.

The film kills 99.9% of influenza virus including H1N1 and COVID19 within 30 minutes of contact time. Exposed surfaces remain virus free when tested again at one hour and then at twenty four hours. The film also kills bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Salmonella typhimurium within a ten minute time frame of exposure.

Key Benefits

· The scientifically proven world leader in the films offering anti-virus and anti-bacteria effects: The world’s fastest virus & bacteria de-activation time

· Only the product tested against both coronavirus and influenza virus

· Accepted to be tested against the largest number of bacteria globally

· ACLIV hardcoating technology is applied on the film and it offers excellent durability, chemical resistance and major anti-functions including anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint

· Offer anti-shatter that is a key requirement for touchscreen applications


· ACLIV Silver Film uses PET base film that has much higher technical stability than other materials such as PVC, PE and PP.

· Excellent heat & chemical resistance and color-shift resistance

· Recyclable and not harmful to humans, while PVC products are a major source of dioxin(cancer-causing agent) emissions and therefore use of PVC are limited or regulated in many   countries.

· Even more costly than other materials 

Comparison with Major Competitors


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