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Touchscreens are ideal media for pathogens of all kinds to
flourish on, due to their regular contamination by unclean human hands and body
fluids and their warm operating temperature.

Bacteria thrive at 35˚C.

Navigations are highly potential sources of infection.

No Virus! No Bacteria!

Protector yourself and your family from Viruses and Bacteria

ACLIV Navigation Protector
ACLIV Door Handle Protector

  • World's only product that owns all the key international anti-virus certifications

    ISO21702, CE, FDA and EPA Certified

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of Coronavirus within 30 min

    Tested by Fonderphar lab in France that is an ISO accredited lab.

  • 1 year of duration for antiviral efficacy

    Use of durable PET and special hard-coating

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of influenza virus

    Tested by the QTEC in Japan that is an ISO accredited lab

  • Non-Toxic

    RoHS report issued by SGS

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria within 30 min

    RoHS report issued by SGS

Why is ACLV special?

  • Long Lasting Antiviral Efficacy under the Extreme Conditions

    Excellent durability and weatherbility makes the efficacy remain

  • Anti-Fingerprint

    The surface of the ACLIV screen protector has been specially coated. Let your fingers touch without leaving fingerprints, and the touch feels smooth. You don't need to wipe the screen with a cleaning cloth every day after installation.

  • Dow Chemical IT Grade Silicone Adhesive (Navigation Protector)

    Premium grade silicone adhesive prevents bubbles and rainbow effect through a year.

  • Manufacturing Process preventing dust and foreign objects

    Stringent control of dust and scratch through 'Clean Room' process

  • Anti-Glare

    Viewing the screen sideways will not reflect light, so you will not be troubled by glare of daily driving, thus reducing the probability of accidents.

  • Excellent Adhesion & No-Residue (Door Handle Protector)

    Premium-grade acrylic adhesive keeps perfect adhesion under the extreme weather conditions and does not leave residue when the film is removed.

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