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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to discover new ways to protect & improve people's health and lives. We use science-based innovation to deal with some of the most challenging healthcare issues. We discover and develop breakthrough solutions to protect people from bacterias and viruses. We make products that help people live longer, healthier, more active lives. We’re always a step ahead. We don’t wait for opportunities but create them. We take an active part in making a difference. We are dedicated to contributing to the global society by implementing strict social responsibility standards.

Our vision is to be a trusted global leader in developing the solutions that make people safe. We will make a significant contribution to humanity by improving global health in this century. We will help you build comfortable, healthy and active living by bringing innovative solutions.

Our slogan is "Always Clean Live!"


From humble beginnings with the founding of a small advisory firm, ACLIV (Formerly NEOTENY) has grown to become a world class supplier in the antiviral solution industry.

How we got to where we are today

In 2012, Stewart Kim opened his first business in Seoul, offering consulting and advisory services that specialized in the chemical industry. His career in the British medical company and the listed American firm was a key asset to his business. NEOTENY have provided various types of consulting services to global companies that strictly require in-depth industry knowledge and analysis skills. That business eventually grew to include the manufacturing and export of specialty chemical products.

After almost 10 years of experience in the chemical industry and advanced research & development, ACLIV, which is a division for antiviral solutions, was founded in 2020 in NEOTENY. Since 2012, NEOTENY has carried out many global-scale advisory projects related to the key components of antiviral products. Seeking a solution to the virus issue, especially coronavirus, ACLIV turned the accumulated experience in the chemical and medical field into antiviral film products.

ACLIV is a today world-class antiviral solution provider with a full set of certificates and has global headquarters & manufacturing facilities in South Korea.

NEOTENY's timeline: the recent major history of a technology leader

October, 2022
Antiviral film: EPA approved

July, 2021
Antiviral film: FDA registration

May, 2021
Antiviral film: Partnership with GIMA ITALY (the second largest medical supplier in EU)

March, 2021
Antiviral film: Partnership with Bayer

January, 2021
Antiviral film has acquired CE certificate and ISO 21702 test reports proving it kills more than 99% of Human Coronavirus in 30min.

January, 2019
Advised Dongmyung Chemical for the acquisition of LAMITECH.

May, 2018
Advised POLYPLEX, the world's 3rd largest PET supplier, for the acquisition of an Indonesia plant of the listed Korean chemical company.

August, 2018
Carried out the project of "Analysis of Global Adhesives and Films Market" ordered by the Korean government
(Adhesives and films are the key component of antiviral films.)

March, 2018
Carried out the project of "Development of Thermal BOPP Base Film '' for Max Specialty Films, one of the largest BOPP producers globally.

March 2018
Carried out the project of "Risk Assessment of SMR(Small Nuclear Reactor) plant in Saudi Arabia '' ordered by the Korean government.

August, 2017
Carried out a commercial due diligence for GCT SEMICONDUCTOR, leading 5G solutions provider based in San Jose of the US.

May, 2015
Advised POLYPLEX for the development of PET(polyester) film for heating film application.
(Polyester film is a key component of ACLIV antiviral film.)

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